Ovation Preacher 1978-1983 Red

1290.00 € MTS0222T-PREACHER

VARASTOSSA (27.1.2023)

Ilmaiset toimituskulut yli 90€ tilauksille


Really nice Ovation Preacher Mono/Stereo electric guitar you don't often see for sale in Finland. Solid mahogany body and bolt neck. Plays well with some fret buzz as the action is setup pretty low. Straight neck with some wear on the frets, still lot of mileage left to play. Electronics work well and two warm humbuckers offer great tonal range combined with the possibility to split the signal into stereo. This is a guitar of many nice details, interesting shape, and beautiful hardware.

The neck has a crack and the guitar went through our luthier check. All is good and the crack is only a cosmetic flaw. Finish is polished around the crack.

Dings and road wear on the body here and there. Only adds up to the street cred.

• Solid Mahogany body
• Original case (with cracks here and there)



Ilmaiset toimituskulut

Yli 90€ tilauksille

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