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Classic Maple Series Component Drums

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Model Size Model Size Model Size Model Size
LB848 14x18" LF824 12x14" LT886 8x6" LT823 12x13"
LB868 16x18" LF844 14x14" LT888 8x8" LT804 10x14"
LB840 14x20" LF835 13x15" LT870 7x10" LT814 11x14"
LB860 16x20" LF845 14x15" LT880 8x10" LT824 12x14"
LB880 18x20" LF846 14x16" LT890 9x10" LT834 13x14"
LB842 14x22" LF866 16x16" LT882 8x12" LT844 14x14"
LB862 16x22" LF868 16x18" LT892 9x12" LT825 12x15"
LB882 18x22"     LT802 10x12" LT835 13x15"
LB844 14x24"     LT812 11x12" LT845 14x15"
LB864 16x24"     LT893 9x13" LT846 14x16"
LB884 18x24"     LT803 10x13" LT866 16x16"
LB846 14x26"     LT813 11x13"    
LB866 16x26"            

Classic Maple Shell Construction

Proudly made in Monroe, North Carolina, Ludwig takes great care in selecting only the finest quality materials for Classic Maple drums.

This process starts with select North American maple. The maple is cut into panels. The outside panel is 1.8mm thick, two ply, cross laminated maple. Cross lamination is the process in which the panels are made of two glued plies of wood, with the grain direction of one ply at 90 degrees in relation to the grain direction of the adjacent ply. The outside grain runs circumferential with the shell.

The center panel is 2.4 mm thick, three ply, cross-laminated maple. The middle ply runs circumferential with the shell, and the outer plies are at 90 degrees. The inside panel is 1.8mm thick, two ply, cross laminated maple. The inside grain runs circumferential with the shell. This gives the 7-ply shells a total thickness of 6mm.

The bearing edges are cut to a 45 degree angle within 1/16" from the outside edge. The sharp edges are rounded by light sanding for a smooth even surface. This process results in what is the unmistakable signature Ludwig sound.

When it´s time for a custom maple outfit, look no further thanLudwig, the original American custom drum company. Imaginethe possibilities. Ludwig Classic Maple options are limited onlyto your imagination. With dozens of component sizes andoptions, varieties of metal and wood shell snares, along withboth heavy duty and lightweight hardware, the possibilitiesare virtually endless to suit all playing styles and musical needs.

Ludwig also offers eight outfit packages in four, five and sixpiece configurations that offer a wide variety of options foreasy ordering.

Classic Maple drums come standard with Mini-Classic lugs, Elitetom brackets and Elite spurs. Or select Ludwig Classic lugs andbrackets, Rocker or heavy duty curved spurs.

Ludwig Vibra-Band tom mounting system is also an availableoption. For those nostalgic for the 80´s, modular tom holdersand mounts and long lugs are still available.

There are 25 eye-catching finishes to choose from in wrapped,natural, and exotics that demand attention.

Build your set the way you want to be seen and heard!

Available Finishes

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