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Tuotekoodi: B95830

PÄIVITETTY: 22.2.2020


HOHNER-nokkahuilu. Sisältää puhdistuspuikon.

The Alegra is HOHNERs new recorder.
It has been specially developed for music education. The optimised hole spacing is particularly good for childrens hands. The narrow mouthpiece makes for a pleasant playing sensation. The highly stable tuning makes it easier to produce notes cleanly. This is a great advantage, especially when playing in a group. And finally, the warm, soft sound of the Alegra gives you a wonderful introduction into the world of music making.
As a particular innovation, HOHNER is the first recorder manufacturer to introduce a plastic head, which has an anti-bacterial effect. This has been proven to reduce the growth of bacteria. Together with the conventional cleaning, this effect increases the hygiene of the instrument considerably. The three-piece Alegra model is the first soprano recorder on the market in a three-piece wood and plastic design. Your Hohner team wishes you lots of fun making music.


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