FLIGHT DUS450MAN Mango Sopraano Ukulele


110.00 €
182.00 €

Tuotekoodi: DUS450MAN

PÄIVITETTY: 2.12.2020


Flight Mango sopraano ukulele topatulla gig bagilla.

How would you like something that looks stunning, sounds great and is eco-friendly at the same time? Each of our mango ukuleles has its own identity, thanks to the unique and beautiful patterns found on each one, you never know what flavour is waiting for you inside the box! It is not just the patterns but the colours too which mesmerise ranging from shades of green to red or grey. No two are ever the same which makes your chosen Uke one of a kind!

++Top: Mango
++Back & Side: Mango
++Bridge: Walnut
++Neck: African Okoume
++Fretboard: Walnut
++Nut & Saddle: Bone
++Gig Bag


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