WD TRA235 Double Action Hex Kaularauta
for Bass 23.5"


14.90 €

Tuotekoodi: TRA235

PÄIVITETTY: 2.12.2021


Yli 90€ tilauksille Suomessa.

Kaksitoiminen kaularauta bassolle. Säätö tapahtuu kuusiokoloavaimella.

WDs unique one rod double action truss rod, light weight, featuring a slim profile which allows installation in the slimmest of necks.

++Kevyt ja kapea profiili
++Pituus 23.5"
++Säätö 4mm kuusiokoloavaimella

Installation tips:
Install the rod assembly with flat bar up, against the fingerboard.

Requires a straight slot, unlike conventional single tension compression rods that normally require an arced slot.

Slot should be cut to a depth that situates the assembly to sit slightly below the top of the neck. 010 to .015" should work well. Be sure that the rods are straight, with no tension applied before installing.

I usually wrap the rod loosely with teflon plumber's tape to prevent any glue getting on it when installing the fingerboard. I do not use any "stops".
This allows the rod to be removed if breakage or other problems should

After final assembly and adjusting, be sure there is slight tension applied to keep the rod from moving in the slot.


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