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Tuotekoodi: SHNFX-MAC

PÄIVITETTY: 21.1.2020


It is the first time that a maccaferri guitar is amplified with a pickup that reproduces that special sound truly. You will hear the gypsy soul and the fantasy of their jazz music with every touch of the pickup faithfully reproduced by Shadows SH NFX-MAC.The pickups mount under the bridge and connect to the detachable preamp unit with volume and tone control, input and output sockets. No modification on instrument needed!Like all Nanoflex pickups, the SH NFX-MAC is 100% hum-free. Nanoflex pickups do not only take the vibrations of the strings like common undersaddle pickups.Nanoflex senses the vibrations of the strings AND the body of the instrument simultaneously. No other pickup technology gives you this high level of sound reproduction.
* Based on revolutionary Nanoflex pickup technology,

* 100% hum-free,

* Absolute clear & natural sound,

* No modification on instrument needed,
* Preamplifier with volume and tone control,

* 3V cell battery,

* Very low power consumption,

* Measurement pickups: 28mm x 10mm (thickness: 0,9mm)

* Cable length: approx. 27cm

* Measurement preamp: 50mm x 71mm

* Measurement preamp holder: 55mm x 74mm


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