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PÄIVITETTY: 6.8.2020


The coolest thing to happen since crystal was put with brass, wood and wind. Call it as you see it, vintage/aged/historic
re-creation. It's a truly awesome microphone.
It's a Shaker Retro Rocket and it's time to advance backwards into the new age of the Blues, with a "shakerized" high output bullet type harp mic.
The Shaker RR is really easy to hold, fits right in the cup of your hands. It's approximately 40% smaller than traditional bullet type mics. This reduces hand fatigue and allows the player to use hand movements such as wah-wah effects with more control. The Retro Rocket also retains the tonal qualities that made the great original bullet mics so special but with a Shaker touch of technology and craftsmanship.
Played open its voice is crystal clear and accurate, but cup it tight and blow hard, it gets nasty fast.
The RR will drive any tube amp as hard as it will go.
It has been designed the same as all of our mics, "by harp players for harp players". It's the real deal. Cast metal alloy body with a black crinkle powder coat finish, and high output crystal element. Solid hand cast pewter grille and a special 1/4" guitar type input connector. This is one high output microphone, with over the edge dynamics and a truck load of harmonic overtones. The RR rejects feedback just like the rest of our Shaker mics. Not to the same extent, but we believe better than any other bullet mic made.
And our Retro Rocket endorsers testify to this.


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