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PÄIVITETTY: 20.2.2020


#Created polishing cloth for neck, body and pickups.

Original lemon oil formula.

Weird name, but it really gets the job done! Gorgomyte? was developed by veteran guitar tech Jimmy Johnson as a nonabrasive, faster alternative to steel wool. This specially treated cloth loosens and removes dirt and oxidation fast, leaving frets shining like jewels and feeling great. Gorgomyte cleans and conditions fingerboards without leaving a sticky residue. Jimmy's proud to say Gorgomyte is used by more big-name touring bands than any similar product.

A note from Jimmy Johnson, Gorgomyte creator and veteran guitar tech:

Having the right tool for the right job is what being a good tech is all about. I'm thrilled to be able to have my own product, Gorgomyte, added to the StewMac family of exceptional products.

Since I began selling Gorgomyte in 1995, I've been fortunate to be in close contact with many major touring and recording artists and their techs. Now in 2010, Gorgomyte is used by virtually every big name act out there (Rush, Metallica, Tesla, Styx, Damn Yankees, Todd Rundgren, Peter Frampton, Tom Cochrane, Glass Tiger, Collective Soul, Night Ranger).?


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