FLOYD ROSE Limited 1984 Tremolo Chrome (R2)


275.00 €

Tuotekoodi: FRT1001984

PÄIVITETTY: 16.1.2021


Floyd Rose 1984-vibra ja ylälukko (R2).

Taken from the original design specs of 1984, Floyd Rose has put together the "1984" tremolo system that recaptures the vibe and excitement from that era. The "1984" system is a true-to-the-original reissue that features brass fine tuners, old style housing and locked in swing arm, bridge mounting wood screws, and a fat solid brass block for incredible tone and sustain. Available in a variety of nut sizes that will fit practically any electric guitar, the tremolo kit contains the bridge, locking nut, springs & claw, mounting studs, and all hardware necessary for installation.



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