BIGSBY B16 Original 50's Tele Tremolo


369.00 €

Tuotekoodi: B16

PÄIVITETTY: 6.8.2020


The Original 1950s Design For the Fender® Telecaster®. Available in chrome with bridge.

This is Bigsby's version of the Tele bridge. It is a very unusual piece, in that the pickup actually mounts within the trem itself. Due to the height of this piece, you will have to do some neck shimming at the heel for it to work properly

++Model: B16
++Series: Original Kalamazoo Line
++Manufacturing Method: Sand Cast
++Manufacturing Material: Aluminum
++Approximate weight: 333 grams/ 11.7 oz.
++Overall Length: 8 ? in. / 212.7mm
++Overall Width: 4 ¼ in. / 107.9mm
++Arm adjusts with ? in. Allen wrench and 5/16 in. socket wrench


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