SCHALLER LockMeister Tremolo Chrome (R2)


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Tuotekoodi: 37090/2

PÄIVITETTY: 6.8.2020


Schaller LockMeister-vibra ja ylälukko (R2)

As the sole manufacturer of the worlds most renowned double locking tremolo we felt it was time to push the envelope.
Proudly introducing the new Schaller LockMeister Tremolo!
Along with Schallers famed precision the new LockMeister Tremolo offers a second to none C45-steel ground plate, forged and hardened in Germany, resulting in improved sound and sustain as well as superior tremolo performance and intonation.
New technologies enabled us to craft all components in unprecedented tolerances giving the Schaller LockMeister® Tremolo a sublime level of workmanship and longterm quality.
But our attention to detail did not stop here. Performing meticulous assessments made us identify the perfect choice of pivot screws and tremolo springs.

Model: Right-Hand
Tremolo-Block (mm): 42
Finish: Polished
Surface: Chrome
Model: With Locking-Nut (No.)
Measurements l x w x h (mm): 92x58,5x5
Weight g/item: 450
Bore mm: 10

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