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Tuotekoodi: SHSONIC-T

PÄIVITETTY: 28.10.2020


What a great feeling it is, when you are sure that the instrument you are holding in your hands is 100% in tune! This gives you a safe feeling and speeds up your creativity.
So far, common tuners are either not handy, unattractive or were forgotten at home.
Fortunately, those problems belong to the past.With Shadows chromatic tuner you own an onboard tuner which, after its easy and quick installation, becomes the heart of your instrument. Once installed the stylish tuner fits ergonomically in the soundhole of your instrument and assures perfect tuning at any time. It does not require any permanent alterations to the instrument, thus is the perfect choice where a precision, high-quality tuner is needed for an instrument in which such alterations are undesirable. It works with a high-quality microphone and can be used independently from your pickup system. Automatic, comfortable, fast and especially invisible to the audience and unaffected by ambient noise. With the Sonic Tuner you are able to tune your instrument more than 1,200 times without changing the batteries. The bright LEDs are absolutely accurate and dont shuttle like LEDs of other tuners do. Sometimes the smallest things cause the biggest change. Shadows Sonic Tuner a new dimension in tuning.The world's first soundhole tuner Automatic, chromatic soundhole tuner for acoustic instruments.Precise tuning - even in noisy enviroments .Can't be lost or forgotten and always ready when you are
Ultra discret - only you know it is there
Easy to read LED-display.Installs in minutes without damaging or modifying your
Powered by a high quality built-in microphone
On/Off switch
Incl. 3-Volt cell battery (#2032)


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